One platform, an unlimited AI Digital Workforce

A No-Code platform making it easy to configure or build AI Digital Workers for automating complex and complete job roles by combining the powers of AI/machine learning (ML), intelligent document processing (IDP), and robotic process automation (RPA).

Create your AI Digital Workforce with a no-code approach

Automate your complex workflows with a no-code approach for the AI Digital Workers you need.

Configure AI Digital Workers without development projects, leveraging pre-built steps and workflows and no-code configuration screens to simplify calibration to your needs

Build-Your-Own AI Digital Workers without coding expertise, utilizing features like No Code IDP, a connectors framework, and rules engine to easily automate your specific needs

Add AI to Automation

AI and Machine Learning are powerful, but they need to be operationalized with other capabilities for success:

Automating Operational Work
Combine ML’s power to learn by example not rules, IDP’s ability to generate data from docs and long-form text, and data integration capabilities such as RPA in one platform for automation that replaces full job roles.

Quickly Orchestrating AI Without the Risk
Leveraging No Code for fast configuration, orchestrate end-to-end processes that include Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) interfaces for people to work directly with automation, ML Ops for multitudes of ML to work together, and analytics to monitor progress.

Automation focused on business outcomes

Unified AI architecture

AI/ML, IDP, and RPA in one tool, avoiding future vendor consolidation


Integrated ML Ops and HITL to build, deploy, manage, and control ML in Production

Workforce efficiency

Turn authors to editors with Human-in-the-loop tasks with proper content and context.

Documents are at the core of your operations — Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is at the core of our platform

Recognize signatures, handwriting, logos, checkmarks and other elements in unstructured documents

Automate your document-heavy processes with industry-leading document intelligence

Recognize signatures, handwriting, logos, checkmarks and other elements in unstructured documents

Process even low-quality and scanned documents with nearly 100% accuracy

40+ language variations are supported!

Put AI to work like other leaders across industries


Super Regional Insurer

>80% automation of in-score new business submissions, saving manual processing


American Transportation Company

>$1m annual savings by clearing the backlog of logistics documents and reducing ongoing processing from 20 days down to 5


Global IT Infrastructure Manufacturer

$13M in cost savings and over $45M in business impact by automating the screening of partners and vendors to identify risk

Fully secure and managed Digital Workforce

Security Controls
Your workflows and data are protected according to the highest security standards, proven by Veracode and ISO/IEC certifications

You have full ownership and control of your Digital Workers, automated workflows, models and analytics

Data Privacy
Differential privacy and other innovative technologies ensure that data used for training Digital Workers cannot be reverse-engineered

What the industry is saying

Recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) 6 Years in a Row 

Recognized as a Leader in PeerSpot’s 2023 Tech Leader Awards

Put AI to work
for you.