Customize AI Digital Workers to handle a variety of roles

Whether helping with customer service, billing and invoices, or data analysis, custom AI Digital Workers are fast, reliable and easily tailored to fit your business needs.

Unlock new capacity in a variety of roles

Data Analytics

  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Data Analysts
  • Digital Content Analysts
  • Business Analysts and more


  • AP Data Entry Specialists
  • Accounts Payable / Billing Analysts
  • Purchase Order Specialists and more

Human Resources

  • HR Assistants
  • Recruiting Coordinators
  • Employee Onboarding Specialists and more

Customer Service

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Customer Onboarding Specialists and more


  • Bill of Landing Clerks
  • Shipping Clerks
  • Freight Classification Specialists
  • Merchandise Support Analysts and more

Automate every step of the business process

Collect Data
  • Extract information from structured, semi- structured and unstructured documents
  • Self-source data from multiple internal and external sources to enrich data
  • Client outreach / follow-up requests
Interpret data
  • Validate data between documents and systems of record
  • Classify 100+ categories and take an action based on the class
  • Interpret sentiment, subject, and context of free-form text
  • Match names or text, even when variations are significant
Judge & reason
  • Write human-readable summaries or responses
  • Compile dossiers and perform analysis of possible links between data
  • Complex decision-making, including anomaly detection and risk assessment
  • Authorship / language authenticity / proximity forensic analysis

The Results


team capacity to handle business growth and spikes in demand


accuracy lets people focus on what they do best instead of worrying about errors


faster processing time to accelerate operations and delight customers

Getting Started


Choose skills for your Digital Worker

Define the scope of your Digital Worker’s job — the possibilities are endless


Collect the training dataset

Good news: it does not have to be perfectly curated by Data Science teams


Train your new Digital Worker

They quickly learn from your data and by observing real-world peers


Go live and see real impact

Your custom worker is all set up and ready to go

Put AI to work
for you.