Email Triage

Ensure 100% of your customers receive an immediate reply by automating the triage of incoming emails and intake of all attachments.

The Challenge

In the era of texting, chatbots, and social media, organizations still have considerable customer communications in the more traditional format of email. Arriving via a shared inbox, secure messaging platform, etc. long-form text remains a key part of customer interactions. As Contact Centers, Operations teams, and other staff respond to customer inquiries and requests with speed and accuracy in as few messages as possible, AI-powered email triage is a way to supercharge those teams.

Intense manual work: this is a fully manual process, with operations personnel reading emails and making filing decisions.

Errors: up to 20% of emails are indexed to the wrong files.

Slow turnaround times: the nature of the manual work and rework due to errors slows down the turnaround times.

High costs: up to dozens of FTEs doing this work manually incur expenses and contribute to the combined ratio degradation.

The Solution

From Day 1, AI Digital Worker Casey automates email indexing and triage, reducing manual work related to emails by 60%+. Casey does this by:

Automatically lifting emails and attachments from inboxes

Classifying emails and attachments into categories

Routing to the next best action, including creating service requests, actioning sub-workflows, and re-routing messages

The Results


emails triaged within 15 minutes


proven capacity for emails per month


average inquiry handling time

Meet Casey

Casey is an AI Customer Service Coordinator who understands and resolves customer inquiries and routes unfamiliar requests to their appropriate departments for processing.

  • Email inquiries assistance
  • Web and mobile portal support
  • Can handle numerous inboxes simultaneously
  • Outlook
  • Web portal APIs

Put AI to work
for you.