AI is at work in healthcare

AI-powered automation lets healthcare companies focus on proving care to their patients and customers. Payers and providers can offer lower prices, while healthcare workers can spend less time updating systems and filing paperwork.

Work.AI operationalizes AI for Insurance companies, orchestrating GenAI, machine learning, and other automation approaches with human-in-the-loop and analytics to control and monitor progress. Its No Code interface streamlines the development and deployment to achieve business impact on core operational processes. 


Claims Management

Claims Verification and Adjudication

Validate insurance claims and expedite reimbursement by automating the review and adjudication of medical claims documents

Care Delivery

Clinical Coding

Automatically scan charts, diagnoses, and related data to ensure proper ICD-10 coding for billing, insurance, and care understanding


Accounts Payable / Revenue Cycle Management

Ingest invoices, reconcile and match with orders and receipts, and process payment 

Case Studies

Coverage Appeals

Appeals Intake

>80% of routing time eliminated for member appeals and policy complaints requested via email, fax, phone, and web

Put AI to work
for you.