Putting AI to work for Legal

Intelligent algorithms are revolutionizing the legal profession by automating numerous tasks that have historically been labor-intensive and time-consuming. AI-driven automation is becoming increasingly prevalent, eliminating the need for tedious paperwork and enabling more efficient and accurate work.

Work.AI orchestrates GenAI, machine learning, and other forms of automation to let lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals get back to legal work. Complete with human-in-the-loop for control, analytics for monitoring, and a no-code UI for streamline development, Work.AI enables a stronger firm. 


New Legislation monitoring

Track new and emerging legislation, understanding what is changing when, and how it impacts existing law

Contract Analysis and Review

Automate identification of key data from contracts, clause identification, and risk assessment, ensuring compliance and accelerating contract lifecycle management

Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Monitor regulatory changes, identifying updates and ensuring compliance across legal documents and policies

Legal Billing and Invoice Processing

Automate invoice validation, time tracking, and billing reconciliation, improving financial transparency

Email monitoring

Review emails and other message platforms for legal risk, such as insider trading and non-disclosure violations

Put AI to work
for you.