Transportation and Logistics puts AI to work

An industry all about movement should not be bogged down by paperwork and other areas of friction outside the actual handling of goods. Yet Transportation and Logistics providers often have delays – on the goods or even just payments themselves – due to inefficient and ineffective handling of documentation. 

Work.AI offers a solution, putting AI to work for Transportation and Logistics providers by orchestrating GenAI, machine learning, and other forms of automation. Complete with human-in-the-loop for control, analytics for monitoring, and a no-code UI for streamline development, Work.AI enables a stronger operation. 


Customs Data Processing

Improve the speed and quality of processing customs data such as HS number and goods description from invoices

Logistics Finance Documents

Minimizing fines and fees by expediting the review of bills of lading, weight tickets, lumper tickets, invoices, and more

Know Your Supplier

Checking sanctions, PEP, and terrorist watchlists to mitigate risk in the supply chain and adhere to compliance and legal requirements

Shipping and inventory management

Improve data accuracy for inventory management and order fulfillment of shipping, permit management, and fleet operations

Case Studies


American Transportation Company

>$1m annual savings by clearing the backlog of logistics documents and reducing ongoing processing from 20 days down to 5


Cross-border Carrier

>80% STP of customs paperwork, enabling scalability of the operation

Put AI to work
for you.