The insurance industry is putting AI to work

Automation with AI is imperative for Insurance providers to avoid being left behind in the current market, with digital-first insurers growing their market share. 
Customers expect quick turnaround times, executives demand customer growth and innovation, meaning AI and automation are a must. 
Work.AI operationalizes AI for Insurance companies, orchestrating GenAI, machine learning, and other automation approaches with human-in-the-loop and analytics to control and monitor progress. Its No Code interface streamlines the development and deployment to achieve business impact on core operational processes.



New Submission Intake

Auto-ingest new submissions from brokers to simplify decisions on emails, ACORD forms, SOVs, and loss runs


First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Automate FNOL operations to reduce the burden of processing claims 

Policy Management

Endorsement Request Intake and Routing

Intake and action policy change requests from customers, agents, or brokers 

Case Studies

Property & Casualty

Super Regional Insurer

>80% automation of in-score new business submissions, saving manual processing

Home, auto, and liability

Top 20 Insurer

>70% STP of document-based claims requests returning 1000s of hours back to the business

Put AI to work
for you.