eMail Triage

In today’s digital environment, organizations are under pressure to effectively meet changing consumer expectations — especially when it comes to processing customers’ inquiries or requests made by email. Attributes — such as speed, accuracy, or not asking for the same data twice — are now paramount to elevate the insurance customer experience. Moreover, organizations in all industries must compete on cost efficiency and optimize for their combined ratio. In that sense, it is important for them to grasp every opportunity to cut manual work from their operations.

What needs to be improved…

  • Intense manual work: This is a fully manual process, with Ops personnel reading emails and making filing decisions.
  • Errors: Up to 20% of emails are indexed to the wrong files.
  • Slow turnaround times: The nature of the manual work and rework due to errors slows down the turnaround times.
  • High costs: Up to dozens of FTEs doing this work manually incur expenses and contribute to the combined ratio degradation.

How WorkFusion can help:

From Day 1, WorkFusion automates email indexing & triage with an AI Digital Worker to reduce manual work related to emails by 60%+. WorkFusion achieves such impact by:

  • Automatically lifting emails & attachments from inboxes
  • Classifying documents into types
  • Extracting key datapoints from documents
  • Packaging structured data
  • Pushing final structured data into core systems & routing emails to the right team


emails triaged within 15 minutes


proven capacity for emails per month

2 min

average inquiry handling time


  • Email inquiries assistance
  • Web and mobile portal support
  • Can handle numerous inboxes simultaneously


  • web portal APIs

Other aptitudes

  • Quick understanding and classification of PDF documents
  • Classification of languages

Supported integrations

  • Email inboxes
  • Digital scans & files
  • Claims systems
  • Underwriting systems
  • Policy administration systems
  • Data lakes

Document Types

  • Emails 
  • Claim forms 
  • Police documents 
  • Policy wording 
  • Legal documents 
  • Court orders
  • Death certificates 
  • News articles 
  • Claims history 
  • Witness statements 
  • Medical documents 
  • Invoices 
  • Indemnity documents 
  • Experts reports 
  • Proofs of loss 
  • Notifications 
  • Activation notices 
  • Marine documents

Interested in hiring Casey?

It’s easy! Our automation experts will show you everything you need to know.

Interested in Hiring Casey?

It’s easy! Our automation experts will show you everything you need to know.